02 May, 2013

Outfits, outfits

 Not much interesting is going on in my life as of now. I'm still working on getting my degree (my scription will have to be handed in by the end of this month) and that's basically it. Oh, and musquitos have found their way into my room again. Yay for Spring. Here are some outfits though.

 Zara dress, Tara Starlet coat, vintage 1950s necklace, cheap shoes

 Tara Starlet jacket, H&M shoes and skirt, Lindex blouse

17 April, 2013

Today's outfit

Thank god Spring has finally come!
Today is a lovely sunny day, but I have to stay inside to work on my scription. I dressed for the occasion anyway!

Oh boys, the posing, the posing

The duckface was on purpose. Fun fact: ever since my early teens, I do actually pull duckfaces when I put on make up or do my hair. Trendsetter much?


I'm not so photogenic when it comes to close ups.

Wearing today:
Vintage 1970s blouse
Tarantula clothing skirt
Vintage 1940s sandals
Earrings gotten as a present from a friend

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

11 April, 2013

A fresh start

Man, I suck at blogging!

From now on I will update at least once a week, or else I'll just shut down my blog forever, haha.
In the meanwhile I've collected a lot of study credits at the university here, signed up for the librarian programme (and hope I will be accepted to it) and dyed my hair red again:

Red hair is red.

Here are some recent outfits of mine, hope you like them:

Tara Starlet dress, H&M shoes, random tights

Hell Bunny dress, What Katie Did stockings

Tara Starlet dress, vintage 1940s sandals

More will come. I promise!

04 December, 2012

Cold and dark December

I suck at being a blogger, that is very true. Over the past few weeks I've spent more time working (on both homework and my translating job) than posting something on here. I am not sure how much time I will have over the coming weeks, but, I thought, a quick update should be possible right now.
Here in Sweden, everything is very dark, very cold and very snowy. I hate all of these things (rather: I plainly hate Winter) and therefore I am looking forward to Spring already, even though I know that it will take another while for Spring to arrive.

This picture pretty much sums up what my life looks like at the moment

Vintage-wise, not much interesting has happened either. I have a new 1950s sweater, which I don't have any good pictures of, so here's just a collection of not-so-good-and-clear pictures to show it (on the last picture I'm also wearing my beautiful Tara Starlet coat that my boyfriend gave me last Christmas):

Other than that I've also bought some books and have been walking around in the snow, in my snow-proof outfit ("snow-proof" absolutely not being a synonym for "good-looking", but when it's so cold, I rather look ridiculous than get sick!):

Let's read! I am on page 200 of Anna Karenina at the moment.
 I also have a Goodreads account, for those who are interested

So much snow already!

28 October, 2012

Shop preview

I will finally update my Etsy shop again the coming time! Posing still isn't one of my talents, but it's all about the clothes, right? When I'm done with my exams, you will see some of these items (and also other ones!) appear in the shop:

1960s dress

1950s dress

1970s dress (actually comes with a belt, but I forgot about that when the picture was taken - smart move, I know)

NOS 1940s playsuit

  1960s dress

The shoes in the pictures are my new pair of 1940s sandals - I already owned another pair, but those were actually a bit too small, so I'll be selling them too.

19 October, 2012

Quick outfit post

Hey everyone!

I finally have gotten my camera! For today I'll just quickly show you my outfit, taken with the great (ahum) selftimer function, next week I'll have my boyfriend over to take pictures of the new stuff for in the shop!

Yes, my room is trashy, and no, I don't have a head on the second picture, haha.
Anyway, what I'm wearing is a vintage 1960s dress, an H&M sweater and secondhand Justin's Ropers from Ebay.
I'll be going to university soon, so my entry can't be very long today, but I hope you don't mind!

See you soon.

07 October, 2012

A quick update - I am still alive!

You see, I am! - With a fake smile and everything! 

Many greetings from a windy, rainy Sweden where the trees have started turning red and yellow (and all shades inbetween!) and where not much interesting has been happening lately, except for more and more vintage garments reaching my little appartment, dying for me to put them in my Etsy shop. However, I still don't have a camera, but as my sister and mother will be visiting me next weekend, they will bring the old family camera for me to use, as they don't use it anyway. So my blog will finally be updated with something more interesting and my shop will finally be filled that little bit more!
I hope to see you all around soon. (: